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Compelling manifestation of Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) these days is the result of the recent demand for more engaging computing. This latest technology amalgamates the real world and virtual worlds by means of handheld and wearable devices. With the boom of Augmented Reality, new doors to create dynamic user experiences have opened for enterprise content creators, mobile application, and IoT solution developers.

At MasterateApps, we offer augmented reality services for training, situational awareness, or any other practical applications suitable for enhancement of your organization. We have our in-house graphics team with individuals associated with accredited gaming institutions and having hands-on knowledge and experience in advance modeling and graphic designing. This makes us capable enough of converting existing CAD technical drawings as well as creating brand new experiences in both augmented and/or virtual reality basing upon your requirements.

Change the way you look at the world by exploring
the potential of augmented reality technology.

Why MasterateApp for Augmented Reality Services?

From designing interactive instructions
for food recipes to creating enticing food
or beverage packaging, our AR
services give print to a whole
new experience.

From a personalized postcard or greeting
card to a customized video message,
we are all set to wow
your friends and loved ones
with the magic of AR.

From transforming classrooms into an
interactive learning environment to fostering
intellectual curiosity, our AR experts will
help you effectively add digital media to your
existing learning materials.

From creating an interactive digital
experience to engaging with customers
on immediate and sensory levels,
our AR solutions can increase
your brand desire.

From giving an interesting look & feel
to letting your readers interact with your
publication in new and innovative ways,
our AR services give exceptional boost
to your reads and revenues.

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