The Internet of Things is Happening, Right Now!

The recent trend of sensors and M2M (machine to machine) connectivity has made IoT (Internet of Things) popular to the extent that it has become synonymous to IoE (Internet of Everything). This technology allows each device to be connected with the Internet to represent itself digitally; and not only just connects with the user but also, to other devices and databases in the network.

This market has loads of potential and MasterateApps has a fully-skilled team to provide our clients with immersive IoT solutions that are based on an extensive library of open source code. We aim at decreasing time for you to develop and market your apps along with unnecessary financial commitments by allowing you to focus on what really counts - your product and its market fit.

We are a trustable partner for your IoT design
needs backed by years of experience.

Why MasterateApp Iot

Allowing online representation of
objects existing in the
“real world”.

Developing applications that automatically
react to events and deliver
actionable information

Bringing it together into software
applications to solve real
operational business problems.

Prototyping to create a blueprint
for a complete, interactive,
and integrated IoT solution

Using protocols to extract
pertinent information

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